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NursePreneurs – Jaclyn Qualter of LoginClinics

September 29 2022

Episode Summary: From the inception of her business, to finding first clients, pricing, and more, Jaclyn walks us through her journey as a telehealth clinic owner. Jaclyn also offers urgent care subscriptions where families and businesses can receive telehealthcare at affordable rates.

WPTF News Talk Traffic Aging Matter Show – Telehealth

December 2021

Episode Summary: “We explore telehealth and how it can be utilized with Jaclyn Qualter, Nurse Practioner and Founder of Login Clinics.”

NCNA Nursing Rounds PodCast – Jaclyn Qualter’s Nursing Story

May 2021

Episode Summary: “In this week’s episode, Jaclyn Qualter gives us the run down on persevering through nursing school all the way to owning her own telehealth business! Stay tuned until the end for a little Nurses Week message!”

WakeEd Partnership Career Conversations – Nurse Practitioner for LoginClinics | Career Conversations

June 2020

Episode Summary: Jaclyn knew she wanted to work in healthcare, and when she discovered that nurses have versatile roles and can work with a variety of specialists, all while caring for people during hard times, she knew this was the role for her. In this Career Conversations interview, Jacyln discusses the different settings nurses can work in as well as her various experiences as a nurse, including starting her own business!