More than 50% of Americans regularly take a prescription medication. In 2018, nearly 4 billion prescriptions were filled by pharmacies in the United States. For many patients suffering from chronic illnesses or special needs, prompt prescription refills are necessary to maintain their everyday wellness. At LoginClinics in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Jaclyn Qualter, NP, A-CTTP, and Justin Bordeaux, PA-C, recognize the importance of medication management and are dedicated to helping patients fill their prescriptions and take them properly. Use the online tool to make an appointment with one of the experienced staff today.

Prescriptions Q & A

Why do you need a prescription for certain drugs?

A drug is a substance used to cure, treat, or prevent disease. Some drugs are harmful if they aren’t used under the supervision of a health professional.

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, passed by Congress in 1938 and amended several times through 2007, was enacted to regulate the use of drugs in the US. This means that certain drugs must be prescribed by a health care provider and can’t be taken without a professional’s direction.

How do prescriptions work?

After you are diagnosed with a condition and prescribed medication, the team at LoginClinics provides coordinated prescription filling with a pharmacy in your area. However, they do not prescribe controlled substances.

Can I get a prescription refilled without coming to the clinic?

The staff at LoginClinics understands the importance of refilling your medication before it runs out and will make every effort to make sure your prescription is ready when you need it.

Contact the clinic a few days before you completely run out and the staff will do the rest. If you plan to travel, be sure to refill your prescriptions before leaving as you might not be able to do so if you aren’t at your usual pharmacy.

What are some issues treated by prescription medication?

At LoginClinics, Justin and Jaclyn are licensed to prescribe medications for a number of conditions, including:

Hair loss

If you are losing hair because of an underlying disease, Justin and Jaclyn use prescription medications to prevent further hair loss and to restore your original hair volume.

Thyroid disorders

If you suffer from hypothyroidism, where your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain necessary hormones, Justin and Jaclyn prescribe an oral medication that restores regular hormone levels and reverses dangerous symptoms.

Smoking cessation

All tobacco products will harm your health. To help you quit tobacco use, Justin and Jaclyn use prescription medication like nicotine replacement therapy to wean you off and stop tobacco use.

LoginClinics’ prescription program allows for you to get the medication you need when you need it. Go online to schedule an appointment to have medication prescribed or to get an existing prescription refilled.

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