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Jaclyn Qualter, an Advanced Certified TeleMedicine & TeleHealth provider, founded LoginClinics PLLC

News Release

Local Nurse Practitioner Launches Telemedicine Clinic for North Carolina Patients

A local nurse practitioner has launched a telemedicine clinic that offers North Carolina patients personal online medical care and counseling from their smartphone or internet-connected webcam.

Jaclyn Qualter, an Advanced Certified TeleMedicine & TeleHealth provider, founded LoginClinics PLLC, to provide immediate and convenient access to health care professionals at an affordable cost—most often less than a standard in-person urgent care or emergency room visit.

“Many people don’t have the time or financial resources for in-person doctor visits every time they feel sick, and not everything we do in medicine requires a hands-on physical exam,” said Qualter, who lives and works in Wake Forest.

With 20 years of experience in hospitals and the health care industry, Qualter assembled a team of local medical professionals who provide diagnostics, treatments and referrals to address a wide variety of conditions to patients who login.

The staff includes Justin Bordeaux, a board-certified physician assistant and men’s health champion. His experience includes work in emergency and urgent care where he addressed patients’ acute needs while managing their chronic conditions. 

Sarah Harris is a licensed marriage and family therapist at LoginClinics who can provide a number of resources and methods through teletherapy. She has worked with couples, families, teens, tweens and children in the Wake Forest area for more than 14 years and has advanced training in working with children.

Lisa Degrow serves as the company’s business development manager.

Some of the telemedicine services provided by the LoginClinics staff include urgent care for conditions such as rashes, strep throat, tick bites, poison ivy, acid reflux, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, kidney stones and hemorrhoids, prescriptions (excluding narcotics), order x-rays, specialist referrals, doctor’s notes, and counseling.

Shannon Gregory, an admin for a Raleigh orthodontist office, recently used LoginClinics for an urgent care visit when she wasn’t feeling well. With a high-deductible healthcare plan and a job that is difficult for someone else to cover, she had a positive experience and will use the services again.

“I didn’t have to miss work, I logged in from home and there was no travel or waiting in a doctor’s office,” said Gregory. “The process was very easy and very personalized. Jaclyn followed up with me after a couple of days and again when my prescription was up. I was very pleased.”

Fees are listed on the website and range from $49.95 for a one-time urgent care visit like Gregory’s to a $100/month medical membership for individualized and personalized medical care, advice, referrals, diagnosis, treatment, health coaching and minor medication management.

There is also a monthly medical membership plan for families that is $25 per month with a $10 copay.

Supplemental direct care is available for businesses that don’t offer health care for their employees or want to provide an additional benefit.

In the future, Qualter said she’s looking to set up telemedicine kiosks at pharmacies or other common areas with diagnostic equipment to transmit patient’s info to a LoginClinics health care professional who is livestreaming from a webcam.

Two upcoming events that will give the public an opportunity to meet LoginClinics staff in person are a Dec. 3 ribbon cutting at Hatch Co-Working conference room, 104 S. White Street and a Feb. 8 health fair at the clubhouse at Traditions at Wake Forest, 1105 Grande Water Way.

To schedule an appointment or learn more go to www.loginclinics.com or call 919-679-1880.

About LoginClinics

LoginClinics, PLLC, offers patients telemedicine, urgent care, concierge medicine and counseling online through a smart phone or internet-connected webcam. Based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, the online clinic serves North Carolina residents. Founded by Jaclyn Qualter, a nurse practitioner and health care mentor, in September 2019, LoginClinics provides its fee schedule on its website at www.LoginClinics.com along with FAQs on how to use the online service. More information can be found on its social media www.facebook.com/TelemedicineNC or @loginclinics on Instagram.

Author: Jaclyn Qualter, Founder, Nurse Practitioner and Healthcare Mentor

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