Fee Schedule

The Fee Schedule below represents the full cost of each service provided. The fees listed are the equivalent of both uninsured and Out-of-Network costs.

Those who are In-Network with their insurance provider will pay these fees up front, and then submit the bill to their insurance for reimbursement of any covered costs.

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Single Visit Fees

Self Pay/Out of Network Fees*:
(Insurance pay is subject to the contracted fees with individual carriers.)


Urgent Care

  • House Calls – New (Medical): $200
  • House Calls – Returning (Medical): $200
  • TeleMedicine Visit/Telemedicine Established: $50
  • Doctors Excuse Notes: $50
  • ESA/Accommodation Note Visit (all-inclusive): $225
  • Telephone consult/triage (per 15 minutes): $30
  • Self-Pay Phlebotomy Fee: $25
  • Travel Fees (round trip):
    • $50 – 5-10 miles
    • $100 – 10-20 miles
    • $125 – 20-30 miles
    • $150 – 30-40 miles
    • Call for pricing – < 40 miles


  • Email Follow-Up: $20
  • Phone Follow-Up: $20
  • Text Follow-Up: $20

* Prices subject to change.

Lab Fee Schedule

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Employee Health Services Fee Schedule

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