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Schools and offices rely on doctor’s records to determine if you are really sick or disabled. Whether you have a disability or a temporary illness or injury that requires special accommodations, Jaclyn Qualter, NP, A-CTTP, and Justin Bordeaux, PA-C, at LoginClinics in Wake Forest, North Carolina, are both health practitioners licensed to provide you with an official letter to cover any note policy at your school or workplace.

Doctor’s Notes Q & A

Why do I need a doctor’s note?

If you or your child wake up sick and need to miss work or school, employers and schools officials need a doctor’s note that explains the reason for your absence. Some companies also require having an official note on file for employees that need certain job accommodations.

What kinds of conditions require a doctor’s note for work?

If you have any disability that interferes with the performance at your job, you need a doctor’s note. Some common conditions that require notes are:

Plantar fasciitis

A note excuses you from wearing dress shoes to work because of your inflamed foot.


Employees with diabetes need extra breaks throughout the day to monitor blood sugar and insulin levels.

Not all people with the same disability need the same accommodations, so adjustments are made on an individual basis and those adjustments are reflected in the doctor’s note.

When does your child need a doctor’s note for school?

Any medical condition that doesn’t allow your child to attend school normally requires a doctor’s note. Your child also requires a doctor’s note if they have recently been injured and need ongoing treatment. Some examples of conditions that require a note are:

  • Sports injuries
  • Needs for cast, crutches, or wheelchair
  • Need for being excused from PE

For further guidance on when you need a doctor’s note for your child, please use the online tool to make an appointment with Justin or Jaclyn.

What are work accommodations?

A work or job accommodation is when a job or work environment is adjusted to make it possible for you to do your job duties with a disability.

For example, if you have severe anxiety and need a therapy dog to manage your symptoms, you’re given a doctor’s note that states that you have a medical condition that requires you to have your dog with you at all times. If you have a doctor’s note, it is illegal for an employer not to allow you to bring your dog to work.

What are the ways in which work accommodates employees?

Under the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and amended through 2007, you can request reasonable accommodations in the following areas:

Job interviews

Adjustments to the job application process that allow people with disabilities to be considered for a position.


Changes to the physical work environment that allow those with disabilities to perform their job duties.


Making sure adjustments are made so that a person with disabilities can access all the benefits and privileges enjoyed by nondisabled employees.

Whether you have a physical or mental condition, don’t be shy about talking to Justin or Jaclyn about your needs so they can help you communicate them to your employer.

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