LoginClinics offers COVID-19 symptoms screenings via telemedicine appointments for North Carolina residents.

LoginClinics is now offering a COVID Recovery Box for treatment of COVID19 or COVID19 Exposure (i.e., Post Exposure Prophylaxsis). You can pick up one of these kits at one of our local partners, or our place of business. We offer free delivery within a five mile radius of our practice, and a small delivery fee for those outside the radius.

LoginClinics Covid-19 Recovery Box
LoginClinics Covid-19 and Covid-10 Box

Medications included in the box are all over the counter, but we recommend a telemedicine consult for directions for use. Our medical provider can make sure the supplements are safe for you by considering your personal medical history and current prescription medications.  Additionally, if LoginClinics provides a consult for COVID, we can also recommend and order monoclonal antibody treatments and diagnose and treat other conditions that may occur with COVID19, like sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Get your box at these locations, or text LoginClinics for more help:

COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Types of COVID-19 Tests

PCR TESTS: PCR tests detect genetic material from the virus. The specimen is retrieved from a q tip swab inserted through the nose to the back of the throat. This is the “gold standard” test for COVID. Results can take anywhere from thirty minutes to three days to result. LoginClinics uses the Accula device by Thermofisher.

For more information:

RAPID ANTIGEN: An antigen is a substance recognized by the body’s immune system and in return the body makes antibodies. An antigen test basically looks for those fragments of antigens within a person’s body to see if they’re infected with the virus. Antigens show ACTIVE infection or viral PRESENCE.
  • Tests for active COVID-19
  • Infection/viral shedding
  • Nasal swab
  • Results in 20 minutes
  • Sensitivity 86.7%
  • Specificity 100%
RAPID ANTIBODY: An antibody is a substance the body makes in response to exposure to a viral infection. These antibodies are present after you recover from an infection (or vaccine) and if you are exposed again to the same virus, you do not get symptoms or re-infected. These anti-bodies reflect both ACTIVE or PAST infection (IgM and IgG levels).
  • Tests for current (IgM) and past (IgM) COVID-19 infection
  • Simple finger stick test
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Sensitivity
    • IgG97.2%,IgM87.9%
  • Specificity
    • IgG100%,IgM100%
To schedule your mobile or personal testing event, call us at 919-679-1880 or email us.

Testing for COVID19 While You Travel Using Telemedicine

Traveling outside the US and need documentation of a “negative covid19 antigen” test? LoginClinics can help!

We send you our prescription COVID19 tests ahead of your travel, then schedule your test using telemedicine while you are on your trip. No need to find an available time or place at your resort, or deal with cancellations, price gauging and communication. We conduct the test from the comfort of your hotel room and deliver the result via PDF email within the hour. You present this form at the time of your travel to get back into the USA.

Insurance does not cover this type of test or visit. The fee is $75 plus shipping and handling, per person. For more information, email, or call us at 919-679-1880. We make traveling easier!

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