Concierge Medicine and the Virtual House Call Movement

Jaclyn Qualter, RN, MS, APRN-BC, A-CTTP - Concierge Medicine and the Virtual House Call Movement

In my first blog post for LoginClinics I talked about the current healthcare crisis; how insurance companies, lack of primary care providers, escalating costs and the busy American lifestyle have all combined to create taxation on- and frustration with- our healthcare system.

I remember when my Mom would take me to the doctor and complain about how much cash she had to fork out before we left the office. Shortly thereafter, she would fill out reimbursement papers, attach receipts, and mail the paperwork to our insurance company. She would then spend, what seemed like to me, every waking hour checking the mailbox to see if the reimbursement check came back. I thank God for my sanity that things have changed in that regard! It’s nice to let all the paperwork rest in the hands of the providers initially. Less stress… right?

The way our country’s medical system has evolved is fast, furious, exponential and complicated. From fee-for-service and indemnity plans, healthcare maintenace organizations and high deductible healthcare plans, to pen and paper charting, medical transcription, voice recognition, dictation and electronic medical records (EHRs). In addition to the way in which care is delivered, this private industry was pressured and incentivized by the government to contain and control costs and outcomes, thus came utilization management, risk management and case management, as well as laws and legislation to aid those who cannot afford- or don’t have access to- private health care.

Patients and the way they communicate with their health care providers has even changed as technology and medicine has progressed. Leaving voice messages with the receptionist have been replaced with communicating directly with your provider or nurse via a HIPPA-compliant patient portal. Through this portal, medical records can be reviewed as well as lab results, diagnostic procedures and upcoming appointments. Given all of this change and technological advancement, why do we still rely solely on in-person interactions with our healthcare providers?

Technology has advanced and so have the medical providers that render care. Primary Care generalists are harder to find and specialists have become the rule, rather than the exception. Orthopedics for example, use to be a solitary speciality, but now it’s fragmented into micro-specialties like “hand and wrist”, “foot and ankle”, “spine”, “sports medicine”, “interventional orthopedics” … and so on. With all of these sub-specialty providers, how do you know as a patient who to bring your problem to?

All in all, the bottom line is this: The healthcare system and it’s complexities are getting harder to understand and navigate. Care is becoming more scientific, more complicated and more expensive. A general medical provider cannot handle the individualized needs of their patients in our complex system. This is the main reason why I founded LoginClinics. As your healthcare provider and mentor, I can help you navigate the healthcare system for a conservative price, and from the comfort of your own home. Our Concierge Program provides one-on-one attention, instruction, education and guidance. In addition to this, we offer longer appointments for our members as well as prompt communication via our HIPPA complaint patient portal email or text message. LoginClinics… Why walk-in when you can log-in?

Author: Jaclyn Qualter, Founder, Nurse Practitioner and Healthcare Mentor

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