About the Practice

2023 LoginClinics Staff Photo

LoginClinics is a leading telemedicine clinic providing concierge medicine, counseling, and urgent care to its patients in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Through a PC-enabled webcam or smartphone, the expert staff at LoginClinics establish trusting relationships with their patients and deliver holistic mental and physical care.

Many of the residents of Wake Forest, North Carolina, don’t have the time or the financial resources to go to a doctor’s clinic in person every time they feel sick. With this in mind, Jaclyn Qualter, NP, A-CTTP, and her team, offer their services at LoginClinics, PLLC, and provide skilled, affordable medical care to the community. With a dedicated online portal, patients don’t even need to leave their homes for convenient and excellent medical service.

LoginClinics offers the best in internal medicine and urgent care for patients ages 13 and up. The highly trained staff are experts in a wide range of fields like cardiology, neurology, radiology, and psychotherapy. The team also specializes in medical counseling and help patients reach their long-term health goals. Go online today to make an appointment with one of the highly trained staff.

*Loginclinics does not prescribe controlled substances.