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LoginClinics is the first and only telemedicine practice in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Our mission is to combat the rising cost of healthcare and inconvenience – at work or home – to deliver cost-effective, easily accessible, high-quality healthcare, as well as disease and injury prevention.

COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Types of COVID-19 Tests

PCR TESTS: PCR tests detect genetic material from the virus. The specimen is retrieved from a q tip swab inserted through the nose to the back of the throat. This is the “gold standard” test for COVID. Results can take anywhere from thirty minutes to three days to result. LoginClinics uses the Accula device by Thermofisher. For more information:
RAPID ANTIGEN: An antigen is a substance recognized by the body’s immune system and in return the body makes antibodies. An antigen test basically looks for those fragments of antigens within a person’s body to see if they’re infected with the virus. Antigens show ACTIVE infection or viral PRESENCE.
  • Tests for active COVID-19
  • Infection/viral shedding
  • Nasal swab
  • Results in 20 minutes
  • Sensitivity 86.7%
  • Specificity 100%
RAPID ANTIBODY: An antibody is a substance the body makes in response to exposure to a viral infection. These antibodies are present after you recover from an infection (or vaccine) and if you are exposed again to the same virus, you do not get symptoms or re-infected. These anti-bodies reflect both ACTIVE or PAST infection (IgM and IgG levels).
  • Tests for current (IgM) and past (IgM) COVID-19 infection
  • Simple finger stick test
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Sensitivity
    • IgG97.2%,IgM87.9%
  • Specificity
    • IgG100%,IgM100%
To schedule your mobile or personal testing event, call us at 919-679-1880 or email us.

Helpful Information from the CDC

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The LoginClinics' Experience

About the Practice

About LoginClinics, PLLC: Telemedicine, Urgent Care and Concierge Medicine: Wake Forest, North Carolina

LoginClinics is a leading telemedicine clinic providing concierge medicine, counseling, and urgent care to its patients in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Through a PC-enabled webcam or smartphone, the expert staff at LoginClinics establish trusting relationships with their patients and deliver holistic mental and physical care.

LoginClinics offers the best in internal medicine and urgent care for patients ages 5 and up. The highly trained staff are experts in a wide range of fields like cardiology, neurology, radiology, and psychotherapy. The team also specializes in medical counseling and help patients reach their long-term health goals. Go online today to make an appointment with one of the highly trained staff.

Urgent Care Medical Subscription

Our urgent care medical subscription plan helps you and the members of your household get the basic medical care you need from home, work or on-the-go. Minor medical conditions are treated online for a $10 per use co-pay.

Subscription plan: $25 per month for you and your immediate family members; $10 co-pay per use. Cancel at any time.

LoginClinics, PLLC: Telemedicine, Urgent Care and Concierge Medicine: Wake Forest, North Carolina
Concierge Medicine - LoginClinics, PLLC: Telemedicine, Urgent Care and Concierge Medicine: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Concierge Medicine

We have three types of personalized medical membership plans that provide personal and individualized care as well as coordination between medical specialists.

  • Executive Concierge: $100 per month, 1 year contract
  • Direct Concierge: $150 per month, 1 year contract

No matter where you are in North Carolina, LoginClinics can assess your injury and order an XRay.

You will drive to your local imaging center, get the picture taken and then follow up with Jaclyn or Justin to determine the treatment plan via our telemedicine services.

Login Clinics can order X-rays in North Carolina
LoginClinics Partners with Quest Diagnostics for Labs

For healthy adults, LoginClinics can order comprehensive lab analysis.

LoginClinics partners with Quest Diagnostics.

Choose Your Provider

Jaclyn Qualter, RN, MS, APRN-BC, A-CTTP

Jaclyn Qualter, NP, A-CTTP

Nurse Practitioner & TeleMedicine Provider located in Wake Forest, NC
Justin Bordeaux, PA-C

Justin Bordeaux, PA-C

Men's Health Champion & Physician Assistant located in Wake Forest, NC

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Melody Jackson
Melody Jackson
December 13, 2021
Read More
I highly recommend Login Clinics! I am a busy mom of three kiddos and their services are so convenient. I rarely have to go to my regular doctor’s offices anymore. The staff is very friendly and easy to talk to. Honestly can’t say enough good things about Login Clinics. Very pleased with their services and thankful a business like this exists!
Jess & Stephen Knox
Jess & Stephen Knox
December 12, 2021
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Jackie is quick to respond, loving, and efficient! She straightened out my meds and helped me get into a great pharmacy that meets my needs.
Laura Browning Grant (Laurabpilates)
Laura Browning Grant (Laurabpilates)
November 15, 2021
Read More
I am forever thankful for Jaclyn. Her kindness, expertise, and willingness to help made a huge impact. I would highly recommend her services to others.


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